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by Shmu

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snowflake mr snowflake i like you how i left you unspoken you are a glass number get out of here you are mister a snowflake the future snowflake mr snowflake i like you how i left you unspoken run under the future you are a glass number get out of here you are mister a snowflake the future silent capture nobody uses a sword anymore ill beat you over nobody uses a sword anymore silent rapture nobody uses a sword anymore ill beat you over nobody uses a sword anymore
I like this formula A form to paralyze A jewel to paralyze in crystal milk eyes Silky baby silhouette Her master is inside Her master is breathing clear She don't need chain a pleasure, another game A form to paralyze Melting Down The Glass Can't see past Shiny baby intellect No means of sunrise Going down on you, fear These daisy chains undress Around your face and chest
Used 03:56
And I would be moved if you grooved into my life And I would be moved if you knew exactly how I felt tonight And I could be used right now If somehow you just wanted me to And I could be used tonight If it's alright, alright now with you And I would be moved if you threw yourself into my arms with trust And I would be moved if you grew very frustrated with lust Tune into my movements, feel my every little twitch And maybe I could let you use me like I was your birthday wish
They say I terrify my city Run into your homes, turn off the light Making children cry, Say Goodnight Run for cover, destroy this city Eat this human, the city is ablaze Smash this building, the city is ablaze Grandma prays but not even God can save you now I'm Coming For You
Holy Muthafucker you are living for survival If we come around, the whip is purple on arrival Oo I swear, I dropped it in your right eye Ya you know that I am so fly You got this All the sweat and tears Haunted by the years Just drop me, shotgun so sloppy friends are all killers So Don't Try and Stop Me Holy muthafucker, do you carry round a bible Where is it you keep your Jesus piece beside your rifle Oo I swear, You dropped it in the mainline Ya you know that any day we could die I'm not scared, I don't care
In The Mood 02:49
I fear what happens happens i fear what happens after I'm in the mood For painting toenails in the sun For you to be my only one It's so sad, that I don't feel the love inside That I seek freak needs on the side
Jetskis in Virginia I'm so stoked We ain't broke puffing smoke on this beat These are the time we'll never forget Tasty waves, hella babes, every day That's what I crave These are the time we'll never forget This is it, feeling it Doesn't get any better than this And as the sunsets A warm glow turns into a campfire Inspired We're watching clouds and stars make shapes Retire I couldn't get much higher Nothing really matters when I'm moving fast Jetski seadoo waterblast Another sunny day in my favorite spot Sunglass tanned ass we on top Pop champaign by the oceanside Beachball your call summertime Beach bombed babes dipped in oxy gold Blue sea Daiquiri Icy cold
Shampoo Me 04:09
Give Me a good reason why You won't groove me shampoo me wise Kisses in the hallways where we've been before Won't you groove me shampoo me when We're friends I would be the one to let you know this is how I've always felt in years before I would be the one to let you know You won't groove me when we're cleansed I would be the one to let you know Distance in these spaces where we've been before Groove me, shampoo me when We pretend What a nuisance these translucent men They become broken split damaged ends This is what I've always been for years before Wont you groove me shampoo me then Instead
Be With Me This is my plea And I will wait patiently Cuz you are all I need Be With Me Not Just In My Dreams And I will give anything For You To Be With Me Keep it quiet, baby focus Jump into your neighbor's pool I don't think they would notice We gotta whisper Keep it quiet, baby focus Let's make a run for it Just bb don't forget To Grab your cigarettes if they don't even notice Happens every weekend Turn off your phone We're in the zone so make me moan if we can pull it off this time, no one will know
Zan Yu I got your motherfucking tattoo I got your name across my back dude Straight smoking on that bamboo I'm munching on crab ragoon Zan Yu Just damn dude We out past curfew I just might hurt you if you step to the Shmu crew gonna get you with my kung Fu Your whole crew is singing Buck Roose Robert johnson no fear lead belly LA here Steve Ray Vaughn screaming poly kong Jim Morrison Eating Shrimp Just like bubba gump The volume swung it must be fun Techotronic smoking bubonic Pass me that plant we call it the chronic Sugar the sonic, legalize don't legal trunk I'm rocking stussy like Claude Debussy Mozart made that funky art Frank Zappa made that ass clappa Zan Yu We movin on to plan 2 we gonna park the van dude they'll walk across the land soon see the sights and the sounds take a trip to funky town all my sugar must be brown I get up to get down Higher than an insane clown Flyer than the speed of sound Shower later, arnold schwartzenneger A terminator, so I'll see you alter there's no escape from this room Like a motherfucking temple of doom Poisonous shroom makes the party go boom



Shmu’s shapeshifting, unpredictable fourth full-length, Vish is the LA-via-Austin based musician’s version of a mixtape, a collaborative and beautifully frenetic effort featuring key contributions from close friends and musical peers. Sharpening his chops in recent months as the touring drummer for Vinyl Williams, Shmu’s knack for jagged, razor-sharp groove ensures Vish thrives as a living, breathing, amorphous experience that demands repeat listens.

Pulsing with swirling synths, vivid vocal melodies and intricate, hard-hitting percussion, Vish expands on Shmu’s brand of psychedelic, genre-defying pop and seamlessly extends it across 11 kaleidoscopic and triumphant tracks. “Jetskis In Virginia” featuring Felicia Douglass (Ava Luna/The Dirty Projectors/Gemma) highlights warped, stuttering beats and R&B-tinged vocals, while “I’m Coming For You” ramps up layers of electronics and samples until erupting in a glitched-out frenzy.


released July 12, 2019

Sam Chown is Shmu

Mixed & Mastered by Sam Chown & Evan Kleinecke @ 5th Street Studios

Arranged, Produced, Performed, Edited & Written By Sam Chown with the help of these fine people:

Bee Drake - Lead &/or Background Vocals on 'Used' 'I'm Coming For You' 'So Don't Try And Stop Me' 'Jetskis In Virginia' 'No One Will Know' Lyric co-write for 'I'm Coming For You', 'Jetskis in Virginia', 'No One Will Know'

Geoff Earle - Bass, Programming & Synths on 'Silent Rapture' & collaborative sample editing / music co-write for 'In the Mood'

Raquel Bell - Lead Vocals on 'Silent Rapture', lyric co-write for 'Silent Rapture' & 'Melting Down The Glass'

Felicia Douglass - Lead & Background Vocals on 'Jetskis in Virginia'

Andrew Shenkman - synths & music co-write on 'Used'

Zac Traeger - some programming for 'I'm Coming For You'

Ajit D'Brass - lyric & vocal melody co-write for 'So Don't Try And Stop Me'

Cabrini Green - Lead. Background Vocals & lyrics for' Zan Yu ; Xiang Yu

TJ Wade - Lead & Background Vocals on 'Shampoo Me'


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Shmu Los Angeles, California

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